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Vertical lathe KU-208

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Data dodania/aktualizacji: 2018-03-26 13:13:03


Manufacturer: Kolomna Heavy Duty Machine Tool Works Condition: complete. The machine is preserved, has not been used for a long time. The mecanical part is in good condition due to long periods of inactivity - non-use. The control panel, electrical cabinet and hydraulics are incomplete. General description: Vertical lathe model KU-208 is used in repair shops of metallurgical and power engineering companies, but can also be used in other industries of heavy engineering. The original configuration of vertical lathe model KU-208 allows processing workpieces up to 16000 mm in diameter and up to 2600 mm in height at the relatively small weight of the machine in standard configuration. Vertical lathe KU-208 is unique with its design features: - columns are demountable parts which allow increasing turning height of workpieces up to 4600 mm by installing additional spacers; - processing of workpieces up to 7000 mm in diameter and weight up to 80 tons is effected on faceplate. Floor plates and working units of the machine installed on faceplate inside the workpiece increase turning diameter up to 16000 mm and weight up to 150 tons. Vertical lathe KU-208 is a mobile, quick-set universal machine tool used for various turning and boring works, rough and finishing turning. The machine is ideal for processing of workpieces such as rings, ribs, shells, steel and cast iron parts of stampings, forgings and castings.

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